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Let's be environmentally friendly

We are moving with the times and at the same time facing environmental catastrophe, the changing weather patterns. The biggest part of conscious people today is interested in protecting nature - some of them find it absolutely vital to dispose of household waste by recycling it, use less electricity or water with the help of energy-saving eco light bulbs and water-saving appliances. Others focus on the bigger issues, such as global warming,animal protection or preserving non-renewable energy sources.          I have watched the video of the group of scientists from University of Sheffield who talked about alternative energy sources like solar energy. Nowadays, the biggest concerns of mankind are energy conservation, reduction our carbon footprint. THE PROJECT “SUNSHINE” provides us with sustainable development of using solar energy.  Scientist says that we should change our ways of building houses, which cause the climate changes and soaring of the temperature. They have found solution …

While recharging your battaries, come to your senses!

It goes without saying that vast majority of people want to get away from it all, unwind, laze around and soak up the atmosphere. The well-to-do board the plane; bookluxury, smart accomodationin advance and set out forflourishing cities or even to remote areas. They are captivated by the splendour and experience real culture shock... But what lies behind the broad grins of tourists? So, today I have a burning desire to let you in on dire consequences plenty of tourist attractions suffer from.            First and foremost, successful tourism relies on establishing a basic infrastructure, such as roads(cobbled streeets), visitor centers and hotels. The cost of this usually falls on the government and it is obvious that local authority could not rough it. They do their bit to fascinate tourists with their native land and try to retain its charge. To make matters worse, jobs created by tourism are often seasonal and poorly paid, yet tourism can bring about pushing up local prope…

I am a reporter

Needless to say that RGL departament is always in the public eye and wins a lot of praise for its creativity and groundbreaking ideas. On 18 May in Ostroh Academy were held Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Days, where students gave credit to and heaped praise onArthur Conan Doyle. These days really have steeped in history of RGL, as they made headlines and attract attention of vast number of "hard-working OA bees". Participants were all delighted, over the moon and on top of the world because they,undoubtedly, derived pleasure from performance and,of course, from the events behind the scenes. 1st and 2nd year students had success, which,it goes without saying, embellished and had a significant impact on cultural development of the departament. 

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        Moreover, we had an in-depth interview with an amazing singer Inga Shata…

Suffering the consequences

38 minutes... What is the first thought that occurs to you? Yes, today I am willing to raise your awareness  of  fierce fighting of all time which made the history and changed its course. The Anglo-Zanzibar War was declared on 27 August, 1896 and the thing is that war, lasting around 38 minutes, steeped in history.           The story began with signingof the Heligoland-Zanzibar peace treaty between Britain and Germany in 1890. It brought about drawing up spheres of influence between the great powers in East Africa; ZAnzibar was taken over by Britain while Germany took control of Tanzania. The outbreak of conflict and its underlying causesprang fromcoup organized by Sultan Khalid bin Barghash on 25 August 1896. The British considered this as a casus belli(an act that provokes or is used to justify war) and sent an ultimatum to Khalid demanding that he rally the troops and retreat immediately. But Khalid didn't take those warnings seriously and launched the campaign of set…

Can you spare any change?

Today I have a burning desire to share with you  my experience got in the game "Spent". It doesn't come as quite a surprise that money makes the difference and is part and parcel of our hustle and bustle. You need to have a razor-sharp mind, to be a quick-witted and careful about your spending.     While playing I conjured up image that I was an average American, who worked as a waitress in a restourant and got $262 pay per week. From my first steps I came to realise that I had to make cutbacks, become thrifty- to spend money wisely and always keep track of my outgoings. First and foremost, I rented reasonably priced appartment to live in; then I arrived at a decision to skimp on the Internet and visit public library to get access to it. Money was tight at that moment, so feeling a bit under the weather, I went to work, instead of calling in sick.        Be perfectly honest, I was broke and was  living on a shoestring budget. As a result it was quite a tall order to …