Saturday, 25 March 2017

Happiness is only real when shared

          It doesn't come as quite a surprise that feelings and emotions are part and parcel of our hustle and bustle. Even now I am cool, calm and collected and of course on the edge of my seat to pour out my innermost thoughts according to this topic. So let's carry on) When it comes to me, I am sitting and typing this blogpost eagerly, from which I usually derive pleasure, with broad grin and being in high spirits. But what about you? It goes withot saying that you are definitely thrilled and in a state of euphoria after receiving compliment on your outfit. You are reluctantly doing a great deal of workload on Friday evening, because you are at the end of your tether. Or you are just filled with dread and shaking in your shoes because of worms/insects... Well, as you have understood we are alive when smile, smirk, giggle, burst into tears, scream...
      I am such a kind of personality who is sensitive and vulnerable, and it is better for me to reveal and get everything off my chest than bottle it up. So, today I want to share my observation of my best friend's behaviour with you. Here you are!
     My Ann is a person on whom I can rely while feeling down in the dumps.

But sometimes it is not an easy task to keep her chin up around the clock...

Once in a blue moon...
I can observe her smiling all the time...
I am ready to boast to you that I found that person with whom I am on the same wavelength. Bear in mind - Ann^2😃
It not a piece of cake to not listen to the music during this 6-week fast. But I have the best song which always makes my day and it is a sheer bliss to make out lyrics and make a sense of every word. I am as pleased as punch and on cloud nine while wearing my headphones. Well, I paste a music video)

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Speaking your mind

     I don't want to be long-winded, that is why I have prepared some hilarious photos and presented them with the help of PHRASE.IT. So here you are⇩⇩

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Word Families and Word Formation

Upstream Upper-Intermediate B2+ Unit 7
"History lessons"
Word families representation


            Are you reluctant to look every single unknown word up in the mono- or bilingual dictionary? Are you sick and tired to be an omnivorous philologist at times? Do not look down in the dumps:) I will clarify everything in black and white, in order to make sense of some beneficial and viable options which will help you to make an unbelievable superprogress and improvement in learning English. 
   It doesn't come as quite a surprise that we can trace chronology and origin of plenty of words back to the ancient times - to Greek and Latin. In my opinion it is an immense asset in expanding vocabulary to be aware of existence of some logical connection between similar words. For example,if you know that path, pathy mean feeling, you will get the gist of whole context even in the text you will face such words as sympathy, antipathy.Such a step-by-step approach of memorising roots will help you go ahead with remarkable ease and understand approximately 80% of new vocabulary.What's more,  prefixes and suffixes may help you in the learning process, as you can automatically recognize the word if you know what its root means. 
          So, it is apparent from what I have mentioned that brushing up on English is impossible without an integral part and parcel - roots.

Friday, 24 February 2017

Vocabulary Sci-fi

         Dear Kate)
          I am so sorry that I haven't written you for a long time. It was hustle and bustle all the time, as I had to accomplish a wide range of tasks. How are you doing? In your previous letter you have told me that you have again become enthusiastic about learning English, expanding your vocabulary which is definitely part and parcel of any foreign language. Do you still keep on working out the easiest way of achieving your goal?
         Frankly speaking, I am on the edge of my seat to provide you with some effective methods which will occupy your attention being an immense asset of brushing up on vocabulary and make you be aware of brand-new techniques which will help you take unknown words in with remarkable ease. To put it bluntly, there are plenty of relevant online tools which will not let words slip your mind but know them like the back of your hand. Take it seriously:) and pick and choose those which will work for you. 
    First and foremost, I wanna you concentrate the mind on  "Quizlet". It is really a  viable option as you can use your phone even being out and about. Moreover, I have prepared for you some flashcards: Give it a Try:)

        In order to make your speech colourful, get the hang of  "Synonym Finder" - is the best tool to explore the words in the context.
       To get the gist of the text to its fullest - "Lingro" is here to stay.
         Another cool typing game that will make you recall words as quickly as possible - "Word Machine".
       I hope these ideas will help you both to keep up with modern life and by trial and error make the most of them. Write and let me know how you get on😉

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Dictionary Daze

          To build up confidence while communicating with a native speaker we need to work out the easiest ways of expanding your vocabulary by trial and error. We are all aware of  such a fact that using and making the most of a wide range of dictionaries is an immense asset to us as English learners. Take it seriously due to do's and don'ts and pitfalls of dictionaries which are really part and parcel of building vocabulary. So, here I try to provide you with some effective tips you'd better concentrate your mind on.           
           First and foremost, are you enthusiastic about brushing up on unknown words? Do you look it up in a dictionary straight away when encounter a new one in the passage? Give such an interesting method as "guessing the meaning" a try! Do not use dictionary for every word as it takes a lot of time and patience. Rack your brains and after a while you will definitely find the appropriate meaning.         
          Secondly, it is sufficient to tell the difference between dictionaries you use. If you are eager to make a progress in your learning- use a monolingual dictionary. In this way you will have an opportunity to learn English through English. Another point is that you should use a descriptive kind of it. Because it provides us with definitions, pronunciations, examples and only some grammar points.        
             So, do your best, revise your vocabulary, slowly but surely achieve your goal:)
Misspelled word: 
successful /səkˈsesfəl/ -  achieving what you wanted, or having the effect or result you intended.
Often confused words:
sensitive -  able to understand other people’s feelings and problemseasily upset or offended by events or things that people say ( I am so sensitive that I easily burst into tears)
sensible -  rereasonable, practical, and showing good judgement (It is sensible to make a note of new word)
Words that entered the dictionary in 2016:
upstander (n) -  a person who speaks or acts in support of a cause,esp, one who intervenes on behalf a person being attacked or bullied. 
YouTuber (n) - a frequent user of the video-sharing website YouTube, especially someone who produces and appears in videos on the site.
glam-ma (n) - a glamorous grandmother, especially one who is relatively young or fashion-consious.

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Techniques and Strategies of Vocabulary Building

        Recently, I have encountered very useful article "How to become a successful student". And right now I got an inspiration to write this post about Techniques and Strategies of Vocabulary Building. Because when you are highly motivated and enthusiastic about your future job, you set the goal and do your best to achieve it. So, I wanna say that having only such an approach to any activities you will undoubtedly become an expert in this or that field.
       We are all aware of such thing that vocabulary for English learners is the fundamental unit and we need by trial and error expand your knowledge exploring different ways of memorising and organizing our notebooks, which will work for you. Notebook- is an immense asset which helps you to concentrate  your mind on learning new words while taking small time to do this. Having got a good  head for words, to put it bluntly, it is a piece of cake for me to remember and recall them after a while. But, personally, I follow some methods which I adopted after entering the university. 
  • First and foremost, you are not allowed to be out of practice. To keep up with the same level you are, you need read, listen, watch in English. Make notes of new words here and there. Then looked them up in the dictionary and make an effort to personilise the words. I use a wide range of dictionaries, but most of them have definitions in English.
  • Secondly, write down the words in an appropriate order. For me it isn't complex to learn them in order they are arranged in the text. Due to having a visual memory, I memorise new vocabulary with remarkable ease.
  • Finally, I am keen on using variety of colourful highlighters to make some words stand out from the crowd. Also, I often put some symbols in front of phrases or collocation like three exclamation marks(!!!) in order to pay my attention to them. These are the tips I use to avoid sliping my mind. And of course I try to make the most of using them in everyday speech instead of well- known words. To revise, I go through the notebook once in a week to refresh my vocabulary. 

Here is the link to the text: Upstream B2+, Student's Book, p.100-101, Guilt-free holiday.

There are some new words I have faced:
deprived area, make the most of, sunken warship, artificial, to generate, able-bodied, a scheme to do smth, carefree lifestyle, run out of, be on a shoestring budget, better-off tourists, up-market traveller, to snub, in an attempt to do smth, pristine, cable car, to sample, agree to do smth, to encounter, to launch, a downturn.


          It has become apparent that I am famous for this unusual phrase in German among my groupmates)😂Frankly speaking, it is my first blog and I hope I will cope with it without any difficulties. Let me introduce myself, I am Ann and I am always full of beans. It goes without saying that I have a sweet tooth. I am really into being out and about and talk nineteen to the dozen. Sometimes I look down in the dumps but I do my utmost to overcome this frustration and cheer myself up)
        My credo is "Never give up but do your best and achieve your goal with do-or-die expression"😉

                                                                                                             Good luck and have fun)